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The Educators Group Of Colleges Okara Campus
The Educators Group Of Colleges Okara Campus
80-New Lala Zar Colony Okara, Pakistan
Contacts:  0442550977, 03447266360

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!!!تعلیم سے تربیت تک

Rai Nauman

The Educators Group of Colleges enjoys a respectable position as a seat of learning amongst the reputed College of the Pakistan on account of its rich cultural heritage and accessible opportunities being provided to a multitude of our youth for attaining quality education at an affordable cost.

It is declared that The Educators Group of Colleges has created a modern infrastructure to make it possible for students to update their knowledge in various scientific disciplines since modern technology has become an essential vehicle of rapid progress. At the same time, the College has been quite successful in maintaining a balance between modern trends in education and its old traditions.a

As a Director, I am confident that efforts to excel in the field of  education and the inculcation of moral values in the students at the College Campus will continue in future with a greater zeal.


 Dated: 25-01-2018
 Dated: 26-11-2017
 Dear students! It is inform to you that college will ...